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Spela Nyckelharpa

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The Harry Hedbom Masterpiece, SEK 30 000

With maple bottom for a grand and mellow bass sound, the best spruce tree top for a clear treble tone and top quality craftsmanship it presents you with a nyckelharpa outstanding in all aspects.

This nyckelharpa has the guitar type design of the pegboard, where the the strings run more straightly between nut and peg. This makes the harpa much easier to tune.

The keys run lightly and are just wonderful to play.

With the body and keyboard medium brown and beautifully designed the pure aspect is like a piece of art. Harry's nyckelharpas are easy to tune and stay well in tune also during changes in climate. The tuning pegs are so well shaped that you would in practise do without the fine tuners.

For a little extra money you can have melody strings of higher quality mounted. It is really worthwhile as it enables you to use the full potential of this instrument.

Like all my nyckelharpas this one is carefully adjusted and tempered for the best sound and to be in tune with all other kinds of instruments.