Leif Alpsjö
Today I earn my living in the folk music field.

With my fiddle, nyckelharpa, cowhorn, guitar and dancing shoes I have been teaching and performing  in Sweden, Europe and USA. My office also holds a shop for violins and nyckelharpas and all parts. Being one of the few experts in the nyckelharpa field I have continous contacts over the world and in 1995 I was instrumental in founding the ANA (American Nyckelharpa Association).

Born in 1943 I danced folkdances at the age of 9 - 12 and played the violin in the music school at the age of 10 - 16. Then I played banjo and guitar in a dixieland band  and returned to folkmusic on the fiddle in 1970.   After four years I got the title Riksspelman (Swedish National Fiddler) and at the same time I started playing the nyckelharpa. In 1976 I edited the tutor "Spela Nyckelharpa" followed by video cassettes in 1998.

Between 1975 and -95 I made 70 courses in the mansion of Österbybruk. We were a big staff of very good teachers teaching violin, nyckelharpa, accordeon, clarinet, dancing, singing and much more. We had all of Uppland´s master fiddlers performing. Most all courses and spelmanslag in the world with nyckelharpa players have their inspiration from those courses. 4 500 people participated including almost all of todays famous nyckelharpa players.

The rest of the time I spent travelling all over Sweden performing, teaching, educating other teachers and starting spelmanslag.

During 10 years I made 11 courses over eight weeks at Wiks Folkhögskola mainly for fiddles. We covered Swedish folkmusic from all aspects and those courses were just wonderful.

Meanwhile I have edited recordings and music books and participated in radioshows and TV programs in many countries. Presently I am busy with my old recordings of fiddlers editing a series of CD:s and another series of usable copies of video recordings.

Leif Alpsjö • Rångsta, VIKSTA • S-740 30  BJÖRKLINGE, SWEDEN
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