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Spela Nyckelharpa

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Since 1980 I have helped fiddlers to find good bows, violins, nyckelharpas, building kits, cases, strings, rosin, tuners and more. As I primarily make my living as a performing artist and a pedagogue I know the importance of having good tools.

The famous violinist Isaac Stern once said: “Each time you open your case you should become happy”. I live accordingly and I wish every other fiddler the same experience of happiness. Therefore I spend much efforts to offer a good and priceworthy assortment that will serve you well and make you satisfied.

Nyckelharpas, from selected makers and from Harry Hedbom, one of Sweden's master makers. Every nyckelharpa is carefully adjusted to ensure the best sound, temperament and key action.

Bows for nyckelharpa of different types and lengths to suit the length of your arm.

Nyckelharpa accessories and more
Tuner, pickup microphone, rosin and temperament ruler used to ensure proper temperament. Please contact me for more information.

A wide selection of violins, all carefully renovated and adjusted.

Bows for violins of different qualities for beginners up to the advanced fiddler.

Violin accessories and more
Strings, rosins, fine tuners, tailpieces, tuning pegs etc. Please contact me for more information.

  Nyckelharpa school: "Spela Nyckelharpa"
3 parts with books and cd's.
Book #1 has an English translation.