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Spela Nyckelharpa

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Spela Nyckelharpa, nyckelharpa school

In 1977 I edited Spela Nyckelharpa, three books, music cassettes and teachers manuals after during a long time having studied how the most famous nyckelharpa players were playing. I checked my observations with how Eric Sahlström was playing and the result was the Spela Nyckelharpa.

Every book and music cassette or today also cd contains 15 melodies from the traditional repertoire - in all 45 melodies. How to hold the nyckelharpa and bow, handpositions, bowing and fingering, everything that you cannot find out by yourself, is carefully presented as well as lots of other information.

Book #1 has an english translation.

Every single note in the books is recorded on the music cassettes and cd's. The melodies are played both in slow and almost normal tempo.

You buy the books for SEK 210 each and the cassettes/cd's for SEK 110 each by the piece as you wish.

Spela nyckelharpa dvd

At the beginning of 2009 a dvd of the first book will be released. The dvd contains more than 150 minutes of instructions with references to Spela Nyckelharpa # 1.