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Authorized by Vallonbruk i Uppland

Besides being a Riksspelman (Swedish National Fiddler) I am an authorized tourist guide of the Walloon Foundries - an area of the world famous iron works in the northern province of Uppland - the cradle of Swedish industrialism.

The Walloon Foundries have been efficient since the 17th century. Still the outlay of the villages and many buildings remain from the 17th- and 18th century. The mother of it all is the Dannemora iron mine with its high quality iron ore. Its history goes back at least to the early medieval.

Here the landscape is scenic, the villages beautiful and the history of  the foundries, it´s owners and workers is dramatic and catching.

I invite you to a tour tailored to your wishes and time. You will get a lively and interesting presentation (in Swedish, English or German) of the foundries, its people and traditions interfoiled with some music on my nyckelharpa - the typical instrument of Northern Uppland and the national instrument of Sweden. You can pay a visit underground in the Dannemora mine. A Walloon smithy is still to be seen as it was 100 years ago as well as a house for a smith and his family.  You can have your meals in one of the beautiful, old inns or a picnic in one of the scenic mansion parks in the center of a foundry.

A tour can also be combined with a visit to the residential town of Uppsala, it´s cathedral, castle and other interesting buildings and to some of the numerous memories from the Viking era 1000 years ago.

Welcome to my world of the nyckelharpa and the Walloon foundries.
Please contact me for more information.

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