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Spela Nyckelharpa

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SEK 20 000

Here is a maker who within only a few years has achieved a very high quality both in his craftsmanship and in the tone quality.

With a beautifully curly maple bottom and a top made of the best alp spruce tree the tone is both soft, strong and resonant.

The top of the nut is made of ebony and the peg board has the guitar like shape so that the strings run straight and easy. At the middle of the A-string the keys are bent slightly downwards to create a shorter hold for the fingers.

The weight is low and the length is just over 90 cm/35,4 inches = a short case. If you are tall or have long arms you can order an attachable prolonging for the string holder.

This kind is usually in stock. Available in both dark brown or light brown body and keyboard.

Like all my nyckelharpas this one is carefully adjusted and tempered for the best sound and to be in tune with all other kinds of instruments.