In my shop You find nyckelharpas from different makers from
SEK 9 500 to 23 000, carefully adjusted.

A very good nyckelharpa. A reliable instrument, always
in stock. Only SEK 9 500

A wonderfully sounding nyckelharpa with the classical
look. SEK 16 000

A real beauty with a wonderful craftsmanship!
A bargain for the demanding player. SEK 17 000

Concert nyckelharpa built by Harry Hedbom, one of the mastermakers. 2 pieces in stock, built in 1993 and 1994. They are in perfect condition and quite wonderful to play. SEK 24 000 a piece.

Order your brand new top quality nyckelharpa by Harry Hedbom. SEK 24 000
A typical silverbass nyckelharpa built around 1915. Maker unknown. Renovated by Hasse Gille and with new strings. SEK 13 000
Silver bass harpa built around 1915 by Gustav Jansson, Ingstarbo. Renovated by Hasse Gille and with new strings. Just tune it and play. SEK 13 000
A new made dark brown silver bass nyckelharpa with bow and case. SEK 18 000

Besides the above, in my shop You find a selection of chromatic nyckelharpas in the price range SEK 12 000 - 17 000.
Please contact me for details.