Nyckelharpa bows
The nyckelharpa bows I sell are made for the modern chromatic nyckelharpa.
   They are designed with the violin bow in mind, giving attention to proportions of shape, weight and balance and they have the same frog and frog nut as the violin bow.
   They are haired as violin bows to give the nicest sound and easiest handling and are designed to play one string at a time.
   They are made in different lengths to suit your body size and the length of your arm.
A very good chromatic nyckelharpa bow for
SEK 1 100 - good value for the money.

A very good standard chromatic nyckelharpa bow for
SEK 1 150. (Please note: only available in short and long lenght.)

Brazil wood bow. Very good for nyckelharpa. SEK 1 085
An excellent standard chromatic nyckelharpa bow. SEK 1 400
Top quality chromatic nyckelharpa bows, made from Pernambuco wood. Price with standard mounting: SEK 2 750 and 3 100. Extra: Frog and winding according to your taste

Silverbass and kontrabass nyckelharpa bows