New silver bass harpa by Ingvar Jörpeland with bow and case, sold as a set only. SEK 18 000

In the 1980:ies I bought this nyckelharpa for my own use as I had a dream of learning to play the old style. But there never was enough time so it has never been played.

It is a very well built nyckelharpa by Ingvar Jörpeland, a famous nyckelharpa maker and sculptor. He made the Eric Sahlström statue in Tegelsmora.

The colour is dark medium brown with black tail piece, black anvil shaped bridge and black keys/key box and tuning pegs. Under the end of the key box the top has the typical hole shaped as a heart. The model is the wider kind of silver bass harpa with high sides. Therefore the sound is big and it has the typically, brightly ringing "gammelharpa" (old harpa) sound.

The bow is a perfect copy of an old bow, with black hairs tightened with the thumb.

The case is sturdy, however light weight, and made of wood. Inside there is a separate compartment for the bow, rosin and other accessories.

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Detail photos