Nyckelharpa accessories

Here you find a selection of my favorite choice of accessories, based on my experience as a professional artist and teacher since 1975. These are really useful items that will help you get the most out of your nyckelharpa.

  • Tuner
    Analogue with a big display. The best function at the lowest price.
  • Pickup microphone
    Connected to the tuner and the bridge of your nyckelharpa, it allows you to tune also in noisy environment.
  • Rosins
    You can choose from good standard rosins to the best of them all.
  • "Temperament ruler"
    The ruler is used to ensure proper tuning/temperament of the tangents and the correct measurement of the open strings. This measurement should be checked every month. The ruler is also useful for the nyckelharpa builder to find the right spots in the keys for drilling the tangent holes.
    Its marks tell a good standard setting (temperament) of the tangents. It comes with a detailed instruction in Swedish and English - also about how to tune the resonating strings to the same temperament as the tangents.
Please contact me for details.