Folk music course in Laxon,
Aug 22 - 26, 2016

Dear friends of folk music near and far.

Hej, om det är snårigt med engelskan får du gärna höra av dig så får du information på svenska, ring 0706 38 33 53.

På den här kursen kan du vara ren nybörjare på fiol och nyckelharpa. Vi är fyra yrkeskunniga
lärare som vänligt och tålmodigt lotsar dig framåt.

If english is not your language, please contact me and I´ll help you other ways. Address at the bottom of this information.

Please also forward this information to other fiddlers and news letters. We only have 21 places.

Arranging a course like this takes time and devotion. It is essential for Per-Ulf and Leif to know in time that enough students have registered. Therefore we kindly ask you, if possible, to register before February 15th. With at least 10 registered at that time I know we can make it. (Three have already registered Dec 2015).

Please, before booking a flight, check the situation with Leif.

Here you find information about the sixth folk music course at the island Laxon/Laxön in the Byss-Calle village Alvkarleby/Älvkarleby near the mouth of Dalalven/Dalälven in northern Uppland - the home of the nyckelharpa and with as deep traditions in fiddle playing.

Leif (I) meant the 2015 course to be the last one but the enthusiasm from the family, yes the course really turned into a warm family feeling, was so big that I thought I´d try one more. A big part of this feeling is Marianne, our kitchen maid, who is always there with good humor and new surprises for us.

Voices from the Family: Many talked about returning in Aug 2016. They said that we lived up to the demands of mixing group lessons with whiles of private practising inbetween. The three teachers and Christer, the assistant teacher, were very different but lived up to the same quality. It was good to meet the same topics from different aspects.

The place Laxon is very scenic and interesting beeing an ex military camp, today a tourist goal, the houses built in the 1920-ies, now a youth hostel with 2 - 4 and 8 bed rooms. Singles available - see below.

Next to our house murmur the rapids where salmon are swimming and jumping upstream. Some of us every morning before breakfast make a walk with salmon watching. The weather is always good...

Right after the course this summer our house our week was booked by a school. Therefore we had no choice but to change week. The Byss-Calle stamma/stämma (fiddlers gathering) takes place Aug 21 why we felt nailed to the week after the stamma. On the other hand, if enough people would be interested in Aug 8 - 12, we can probably do that but then without the Byss-Calle stamma.


After five succesful years another Folk music course, five days in Älvkarleby, Uppland, Sweden, mainly for fiddles and nyckelharpas

  • We recommend you to arrive Sunday evening August the 21st.
  • The course starts Monday morning the 22nd with breakfast 08 - 08.45 and ends Friday lunch Aug 26th
  • You can arrive during the day and take part in the Byss-Calle spelmansstamma Sunday the 21st.
As in previous years the course will be held on Laxon (the Salmon Island), in Alvkarleby near the mouth of the river Dalalven, in a big house, youth hostel, where we sleep, eat and play.

From the Stockholm - Arlanda airport you take the SL commuting train to Uppsala and there go straight on the left side 50 meters to the next  commuting train Upptaget that goes to Alvkarleby where we pick you up.

Journey planner >

If you come from the north of Sweden, Upptaget starts in Gavle. The third stop is Alvkarleby.

To make our planning easier, please register soon or tell that you are interested.

The teaching

As with all my courses the mood will be allowing and joyful. The pedagogic standard will be very high, among other things including holds, playing technique, feeling the rhythm in your feet and body, playing functional rhythm for dancing and walking, phrasing, singing, playing melodies and harmonies different ways, history and traditions around the music and other stuff depending on what you wish.
Teaching will mainly be provided in English and some Swedish. It works fine.

All teachers are professional on the nyckelharpa and the fiddle: the Riksspelmen (Swedish National Fiddlers) Edward Anderzon, Leif Alpsjo and Petrus Dillner and the assistant teacher Christer Sundbom.

For lessons you may bring other instruments too if you already know how to handle them (after agreeing with Leif). For the evenings and the Byss-Calle stamma, please bring any instruments (that is not too loud).

Lesson time is 9 AM to 5 PM (09 - 17) including fika (coffee & tea) breaks and lunch.

Thursday evening around 17.30 to 19.45, included in the course, we all give a concert at the cafe next to our house. It has been great fun each time also for the beginners. You can always contribute with something.

Together we may modifie the scedule if it benefits the course.

The tunes will be carefully choosen to serve your learning. We will rather be focusing on playing quality than a great number of tunes. You can always get many tunes on your recording devices to take with you home. Some tunes might be shared in writing.

Teaching will be made by the ear. It is good for eye contact and for imitating the style and rhythm. Since decades we know how to carefully deal with learning by the ear also for beginners and for classically trained not used to playing by the ear. With some practise everyone can manage that.

We strongly encurage you to bring all kinds of recording devices, especially video. Please make sure to bring charger and a lot/hours of battery and recording capacity.

As much as time permits we will provide some short, extra private lessons. Included in the course is a gourmet surprise and a teachers house concert. Probably something more.

The rest of the evenings will not be planned by the staff but are free for singing, playing and dancing or whatever you come up with. There is space in- and outdoors so you are welcome with initiatives.

For both nyckelharpas and fiddles a lesson of maintenance will be offered. Those who are interested might visit the master violin and nyckelharpa maker Harry Hedbom 20 minutes away by car. Not included in the course. Harry also is ready to help us with misfunctioning instruments.

Your instrument and bow may be examined and adjusted during the course. If you have certain needs of bigger adjustments, renovation or rebuilding please help us to plan for that so you can get your instrument back before the course ends.

The teachers examinations, oral judgements and minor adjustments are for free. All other measurements will be agreed with and paid directly to the person behind the tools.

Leif will have a few fiddle and nyckelharpa sets to rent for SEK50-/day. You may bring your own nyckelharpa bow.

Food and lodging

Our house/youth hostel will be our home during this week for sleeping, eating and playing. The rooms are spacious with four and eight beds. At your own expense, SEK220- to 275-/night, you can rent a single bed room in the adjacent house.

You can also stay before and after the course for about SEK275- extra per person - night.

Sheets and towels are included.

Please tell if you have allergies and we´ll see how we can help you. Pets and smoking is not allowed in the house and, if somebody is allergic, no flowers.

Also please tell if you need diet food and we´ll see what our restaurant  can do. If the restaurant cannot help us we can always buy whatever diet food you need for yourself to prepare in our kitchen as long as it is within the same budget as the other food.

Everyone will be asked to take turns with cleaning in the house and in the kitchen. We all clean the house before we leave Saturday or Sunday. Otherwise there will be an extra fee.

Camping and parking of caravan/mobile home is only possible at the fishing camp down the river 3 km away.

Prices slowly go up so this year
THE FEE is SEK6100-  counted from Monday morning through Friday lunch including food, lodging, teaching, some evening activities and transportation from and to the Alvkarleby train station.

You can compare this fee with any all-inclusive holiday.

Evening meal + fika and bed Sunday to Monday is SEK320- extra. If you do not eat SEK240- extra.

We need to know with which train you arrive so we can pick you up at the station.
It is not possible to walk with your baggage.

Accompanying spouses, children and friends, not attending the course, will get help with information to meaningful touristing. They are welcome to share our free time/evenings as well as lodging and all meals for SEK 2700- for the whole time.

Deductions will be made if they stay a shorter time or do not participate in all meals.

Please make your registration as soon as possible or tell that you are interested. Later we will ask for a registrations fee.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Which is your instrument?
  2. Which is your level 1 (beginner) - 5 (expert)
  3. Can you tune your instrument 1 (no) - 5 (easily)
  4. Which subjects would you like to focus at?
    E.g. holds, playing technique, playing functional rhythm, phrasing, singing, feeling the rhythm in your feet and body, playing melodies and harmonies different ways, history and traditions.
  5. What more would you like to know?
    Please help us to make this a good experience and memory. Thanks for your cooperation and keep swinging.


THE DAY BEFORE THE COURSE, Sunday, the Byss-Calle spelmansstamma is held at the Alvkarleby homestead farm (Hembygdsgård). If you can play some of the tunes (Mungalaten, Andakten, Alfred Anderssons Polska, Kyrkmarsch by Olov Jansson, Byggnan, Hellstedts brudmarsch) you can join the group playing in the medieval church at 11AM. You are encouraged to play on stage during the afternoon with tunes of your choice, solo or in groups. Those who play at least one Byss-Calle tune get a diploma. There will be food and fika for all fiddlers. Leif will be busy that day leading the stamma.

Edward, Petrus, Christer
and Leif, who translated and wrote.

Prices, specifications, and the contents of this website are subject to change without notice.

Please contact us with your enquiries.

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